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Business & Financial Planning Programme


Business & Financial Planning is a key strategic element for company growth and sustainability.

All too often a business plan is viewed as a document written up once for a bank manager only to gather dust on a shelf. However, a well-prepared business & financial plan can add significant value to a company and be a vital tool in its success.

Some of the benefits:

See all the elements of the business as a whole and how they fit together. Are they aligned?

Strategic focus – your key target markets, unique selling points (USP)

Identifying those critical success factors and must win battles on the road to success allowing you to set priorities

Provides milestones and financial targets against which to monitor company performance, facilitating early identification of problems

Managing cash flows – profits do not equal cash. Detailed cash forecasts highlighting pinch points allowing you to plan accordingly

A framework to dedicate time to focus on the long-term performance of the company

An essential component in raising finance – debt, equity or grant funding

Provide direction to the company and an enhanced sense of purpose to management and employees

If you fail to plan you are planning to fail!



What you get

One on one sessions with a qualified consultant with multiple years industry experience

Hands on guidance and advice throughout the planning process

What you leave with

A Business Plan you will use

Financial Plan for your Business (3/5 years) including P&L, Cashflow and Balance Sheet

Key Milestones identified and captured for your business

Ability to extract a Professional Plan to share with potential Lenders, Investors & State Support Agencies

Targets and goals against which to measure your business performance

Ability to maintain and update your business plan going forward using online software

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